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In the midst of an identity crisis, vegan soy-boy Charlie decides to give up pornography and hit the gay dating scene. Sex proves to be a disastrous distraction from self-loathing, and he soon realises that being emotionally unhinged and cynical makes him a difficult romantic candidate. Also, his pet goldfish Bob is horribly depressed.


Protein makes a sexy, sarcastic, soy-tastic return by popular demand, as part of The MC Showroom’s 1st queer-themed curated comedy season. One hour of non-stop chaos in the life of a messy millennial searching for love and morality in modern adulthood.

“Absolutely flawless – effortlessly shifting from comedy to heartbreak to hilarious despair...” - Australian Arts Review

Written & Performed by Darby James | Directed by Clary Riven

WHEN: 7.30PM | 25 - 27 August 2022

WHERE: The MC Showroom | Level 1 / 48 Clifton Street, Prahran


Images by: Liv Morison Photography